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Girls are stupid

Except for one. Well, maybe I should clarify. Girls who have been significant others in my life, for the most part are stupid. There's A. Was with her for five years of my life. Have been great friends with her over those five years and even since things have been over. Have met, on numerous occasions, guys that she is dating/has a crush on/who have a thing for her, and not one time was I ever rude in the least. ONE TIME she meets someone else who is special to me and I walk away disugusted. One fucking time for five fucking minutes. I was absolutely embarrassed that Emily had to go through that. It really chapped my ass. Oh well, I guess. I'll be able to live my life knowing that I'm not the one who pushed a friendship away.
Then there is L. We had a little fling, and it meant a lot at the time. She is young, and still has yet to go to college. She thinks she knows what she wants, but I'm not really sure that she does. She still has a lot to experience in life. She says that she loves me, and that she is sad that I have a girlfriend. But then again, she lives in Seattle. So it would be unrealistic for anything between her and I to be happening right now anyway. Emily worries about L, but she shouldn't. Emily is the only one that I have eyes for. She is awesome.
Then there is C. I dated her for three months during the first semester of school last year. She left for Spain and the shit kinda hit the fan. I made some livejournal entries that included some of the emails that she sent to me... Ones that I felt were absolutely ridiculous at the time. Well, when she got back, she read my livejournal. Wow. Didn't see that one coming. She flipped out on me like none other. Not saying I didn't deserve it. It was a dick move on my part. Things are better now. So that is good.

I don't really know why I made this entry. Maybe because things are becoming very clear to me. Especially about A. I love her, and am always going to love her no matter what. But at the same time, I just wish there was some sort of common ground that we could reach that was free of hostility and one-upping. Here's to wishful thinking, I guess.
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