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For you I won't ever have rough sex with Molly Connely again...

So girls with the name Carrie, or Carey are really stupid, essentially. I forwarded Carrie (the dumb one in Spain with the Latin lover) all of the pictures that she sent to me right back to her and told her that she could keep them. This morning I got an email from her asking what my deal is and why I'm "acting this way." I just sent her one back that basically said how good I have been to her throughout everything and how even when she totally treated me like shit, I was still her friend and tried to help her out through some rough times. Then I said fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Shame on me this time, I guess. Hopefully after reading that, she will understand why I don't answer her phone calls, and why it has taken me this long to email her back. She's fucking stupid and needs to realize that people just don't do that kind of shit. I have never hit a girl... well... except for one. She is a stupid bitch, though, and totally hit me first(agree, Ang???). Anyway, this is one of those situations where I just totally wish I could be playing catch with a football with Carrie and just launch one right into her melon. Maybe that would make all the screws fall back into the right place and she would realize how fucking stupid she is. Whatever though. I'm just babbling about something that probably isn't even worth thinking and/or talking about. Hope you all have a lovely day.

P.S. The next girl that I talk to that has the name Carrie, or Cari, or Carey... It doesn't matter. If it is Carrie and is spelled with a C, I'm getting the fuck out of dodge.
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