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We're out of time and I can't breathe...

I haven't updated in quite some time.  Summer has been quite busy.  It seems like I have a lot of time to do things, but then again, with football and work, it is kind of hard.  I do, however, manage to keep myself busy.  Emily helps out a lot in that department.  It is always such a pleasure to be around her.  As rediculous as this might sound, and as much as it might piss off a little blonde haired girl that lives out in Seattle, I've fallen for her.  Her 21st birthday was yesterday.  I got her a 20 gig iPod with an engraving on the back of it.  She was pretty pumped about it.  I'm currently putting a shitload of cd's on my iTunes so that she can upload them.  We went out to the bars last night and did what you do when someone turns 21.  It was a really good time.  Some random guy from a super small town around here who "didn't know Emily very well, but was the same year as her in high school" bought her a shot and for the picture asked me if he could put his arm around my girlfriend.  I thought that was a little weird that he asked, seeing as how Emily was the one that wanted the picture.  Come to find out, he apparently told her how hot she was.  Haha.  When she told me that this morning, it made me kind of chuckle because he couldn't have been more obvious about it at the time.  Tomorrow is Harrison's first show in Springfield.  I'm pumped to see Matt.  I haven't hung out with him in ages.  Then, apparently, Emily is going to come back on Friday because some more of our friends have a show here in town at a bar.  What's that I hear???  25 cent drafts on Fridays at Bogart's!!!!  Needless to say, we're getting fucked up for five dollars.  That is awesome.  Saturday, we're going to Carbondale for a party, and then Sunday is Deeder's birthday.  Monday is Ang's birthday (I could never forget that), and then Thursday is mine.  The big 22.  I'm excited.  Alright, I gotta go and stop fucking rambling about shit that no one really cares about.  Peace, bitches.
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